The 1RBA


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Jerk X Jollof co-founders and Michigan Medical students Fitz Tavernier (Fitz T.) and Kristian Black (Kris B.) are back at it again with a new project, The 1 RBA (Real Black’s Anatomy). The 1RBA is a medical educational blog primarily focusing on minority health and fitness curated by you, the viewer!

Each month, the 1RBA duo will select from a host of medical topic submitted by you, the viewers, and create a short presentation based on the current scientific literature in the field. Submitted questions may involve any medical topic but remember they will always be analyzed in the context of minority disparities. The primary goal of this blog is to bring awareness to disparities affecting minority populations while dispelling unconscious bias, myths, and antiquated information.


Fitz and Kristian are not medically licensed physicians (yet) and by law cannot and will not legally provide medical advice. All topics selected will be analyzed in an objective manner that aligns with "our perception" of the current scientific literature.


Be sure to follow Fitz (@fitz_jr4) and Kristian (@indiana_black) on social media as well as the RBA (@the1rba)!


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